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Drass iAN-MULTI-P Portable Environmental Analyzer

Drass iAN-MULTI-P Portable Environmental Analyzer
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Drass iAN-MULTI-P Portable Environmental Analyzer
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iAN-MULTI-P PORTABLE ENVIRONMENTAL ANALYZER is specifically designed by DRASS for submarine and hyperbaric use where a turnkey solution is required to monitor the key environmental parameters of an enclosed pressurized volume.

Developed for everyday routine monitoring, but also invaluable during critical situations such as distressed submarine (DISSUB) escape and rescue, this battery-powered portable unit is the only continuous gas monitor on the market that meets NATO requirements, STANAG 1476:2014 (ANEP/MNEP-86); and the only monitor to include carbon monoxide monitoring.

Equipped with proprietary partial pressure algorithms for hyperbaric use up to 10 bar absolute, iAN-MULTI-P provides real-time readings for O2, CO2, CO, temperature,
humidity and absolute pressure.

iAN-MULTI-P is the comprehensive choice for atmosphere monitoring in both standard operative and emergency scenarios, and features:

- Multi-gas functionality for ultimate convenience:
• One dedicated analyzer for all gas analysis;
• Significant cost saving;

- Compact dimensions and an extremely light weight, less than 1.4 kg for ease of use;

- Black-box data-logging of all environmental data on internal removable memory;

- Seamless transfer of data - logged data can be exported to a USB memory stick while still simultaneously monitoring the environment;

- Graphical charts for complete scenario analysis in an instant provide measured data trends (instead of displaying actual values only). Invaluable in critical situations of distressed submarine (DISSUB) where swift informed decisions save lives;

- Intelligently placed environmental sensors located on the side of device, instead of front-facing, for readings that are unaffected by user proximity (e.g. CO2 detection from device-holder’s respiration);

- Guaranteed 5-year duration of O2 sensor whilst the leading competitor brand has a 1-year duration;

- Ultra-long battery endurance; supporting a graphics display and embedded data storage: MONTHS of battery life make this the perfect solution for all confined-space activities;

- Easy powering with any standard USB mobile phone charger or power power bank via the supplied magnetic connector;

- High-resolution illuminated touchscreen display clearly shows all measured values for easy operability of calibration, logged data export, date/clock setting, etc;

- Ease of maintenance and user-serviceable - minimizing ultimate cost of ownership and drastically reducing downtime for full peace of mind;

- Magnetic connector for 5 Vdc external power, conveniently located at the bottom of device adjacent to the two battery containers (total of 4 x ‘D’ alkaline cells certified for hyperbaric use).