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Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly
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Model: 97CM-06-02-01-00-00
The Drass CO2 Scrubber is used as a CO2 removal system in the hyperbaric environment, in chambers and diving bells. The design is continuously enhanced thanks to the hundreds of units installed worldwide. Thanks to its compact size and its efficiency, the installation of the Drass CO2 scrubber on bo..
Model: 97CE-06-01-01-00-00
Proudly presenting the innovative Drass HUF (Hyperbaric Ultraviolet Flame) Sensor, the only flame sensor on the market to receive IACS Class Society Type Approval for use in a hyperbaric environment. Pressure tested up to 50 bar and able to detect a flame at 10 times the distance of standard f..
Drass Interlocking Mechanism Drass Interlocking Mechanism
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Model: 97CM-06-01-01-00-00
The Interlocking mechanism is a safety device intended to protect any pressure vessel subject to be opened during routine operation procedures; this includes soda lime pots, Food and Material Locks, Diving Bell Mating Clamps, etc… The requirement for such a device is present in all Rules and ..
Model: 97CE-04-01-01-00-00
The Drass 2” Flow Fuses are a safety device intended to protect any PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy) from rapid unwanted decompression. They are to be installed internally to any PVHO on each hull passage bigger than 5 mm (ref. DNV-Os-E402 Oct. 2010 Sec. 4 E301).The main purpose of the f..
Model: F2806-550
Drass flame sensor cable is designed to accompany Drass Flame Sensor whilst being installed inside of a hyperbaric chamber.The cable is available in both 5 m and 7 m length options to suit your needs...
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Model: 96AN-03-01-01-00-00
Drass Gas Mixer is the first device of its kind capable to mix up to three given inlet gases so to obtain any required diving gas mixture. The machine creates custom gas mixtures (such as nitrox, heliox or trimix), with extremely high accuracy, and with high capacity (m..
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