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Gas Analyzers

Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer
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Model: 97CD-01-04
The newly released Drass product: iAN GAS ANALYZER is specifically tailored to the saturation and surface diving industry and for application in the medical industry also.This advanced solution provides our clients with both a superior measuring accuracy and a robust hardware that consists of a Disp..
Starting From 1,500.00€
Drass iAN4 - Spare Display Mdp
Model: 97CD-01-04-08-01-00
DISPLAY FEATURES:• A touch stylus is supplied and stored in the display for convenient use• USB port for software update or download/upload of configuration files via USB stick (no PC is required)• Contains two analog outputs 4.20 mA for remote reading and three volt-free SPDT relay contacts to comm..
Drass iAN4 - Spare Remote Board Drass iAN4 - Spare Remote Board
Model: 97CD-01-04-08
The Remote Sensor Box included inside the analyzer set is the “heart” of the product containing all the sensing electronics: sensors for the selected gas, gas flow, temperature and barometric pressure.With a reliable RS 485 interface, this allows the communication with the display and receives power..
Starting From 730.00€
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