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Drass Multimedia System provides the safest and most advanced multimedia technology in the hyperbaric environment. The Commercial TV sets and computers are intended for use at sea level pressure. When used inside a hyperbaric chamber, they have a short life expectancy and are subject to frequent failures. Such failures result in a high risk of environmental contamination for divers, being subject to toxic emissions and electrical hazards which pose a particular risk in a pressurized and confined space.
A sound safety policy should therefore not allow the use of equipment containing batteries, commercial capacitors and other specific components (such as commercial monitors, tablets, notebooks, personal music players and mobile phones) within the hyperbaric environment.
Drass Research & Development Team brings to the market a state of the art range of LED monitors with enhanced safety measures that ensure their compatibility and longevity within the hyperbaric environment. This superior technology allows the touchscreen monitors to withstand high pressure environments.
Drass Multimedia is an essential enhancement for a saturation chamber complex, being supplied with all internal and external ancillaries and required components, including hardware and software. It comes fully pre-configured and thus presents the end user with a customised turn-key solution.
Primarily, this multimedia system greatly increases the effectiveness of diving operations. As a collateral benefit, this multi-purpose device doubles up as an entertainment unit - providing downtime relaxation between working shifts.
For mission preperation, divers can watch live and recorded footage from their team on the job. This improves operation stage awareness and enables divers to share details and plan during pre-dive briefing and post-mission debriefing.
The diver or patient inside the hyperbaric chamber has the possibility to safely operate a virtual desktop whilst on the job or during relaxing downtime - connecting to the internet, watching movies, listening to music, and sending communications to the world at large via email and skype.

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