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Drass Oxygen BIBS Mask System - First Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator

The First Stage Pressure Reducing Regulator can be installed inside an hyperbaric chamber and can be used for air and Sat, to supply gas to the BIBS. The primary function of this regulator as it has been designed is to allow operators in a hyperbaric chamber to have a reducer dedicated to every single BIBS. Otherwise, normally hyperbaric chambers are equipped with a reducer on the main control panel and a reducer for each hyperbaric chamber lock which will provide the supply to all BIBS contains in the lock itself. Through the use of this reducer it can be removed the single driven reducer positioned externally to the lock avoiding the single point of failure. During the study of this new pressure reducer there have been taken into consideration other possible system faults, see the rupture of one of the BIBS. In the traditional systems all the BIBS are installed on one manifold with all supply connections between them. We have studied a manifold system which allows the removal and/or the exclusion of one of the masks without the necessity of completely