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Drass  Multimedia System On Request

Drass Multimedia System

Drass Multimedia System provides the safest and most advanced multimedia technology in the hyperbari..

Drass Black Rubber Fins

Drass Black Rubber Fins are available in 4 sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXLarge. The Fins ..

97.00€ Ex Tax: 97.00€

Drass Chamber Drassuno On Request

Drass Chamber Drassuno

DRASS DRASSUNO is a one-man portable hyperbaric chamber for commercial, military, rescue, or scuba d..

Drass Chamber Fairdive On Request

Drass Chamber Fairdive

DRASS FAIRDIVE is a cylindrical twin-lock hyperbaric chamber. The main lock chamber accommodates a m..

Drass Chamber HBOT On Request

Drass Chamber HBOT

FOREWORD: Drass was born in 1927 and is the world leader in hyperbaric technology for industrial, c..

Drass Chamber Ovetto On Request

Drass Chamber Ovetto

DRASS OVETTO is a cylindrical twin lock hyperbaric chamber designed for two (2) persons in the main ..

Drass Chamber Oxyshot On Request

Drass Chamber Oxyshot

DRASS OXYSHOT is a single-lock hyperbaric chamber outfitted for two (2) persons: one patient on a be..

Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly

The Drass CO2 Scrubber is used as a CO2 removal system in the hyperbaric environment, in Chambers a..

1,360.00€ Ex Tax: 1,360.00€

Drass Fin Strap


Starting From 20.00€ Ex Tax: 20.00€

Drass Hyperbaric Chamber Light

The ambient lighting system is specifically designed to illuminate the entire compartment from a ce..

Starting From 636.00€ Ex Tax: 636.00€

Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer On Request

Drass iAN4 - Gas Analyzer

The newly released Drass product: iAN GAS ANALYZER is specifically tailored to the saturation and su..

Starting From 1,380.00€ Ex Tax: 1,380.00€

Drass iAN4 - Spare Display Mdp PREORDER

Drass iAN4 - Spare Display Mdp

DISPLAY FEATURES:• A touch stylus is supplied and stored in the display for convenient use• USB port..

800.00€ Ex Tax: 800.00€

Drass iAN4 - Spare Remote Board PREORDER

Drass iAN4 - Spare Remote Board

The Remote Sensor Box included inside the analyzer set is the “heart” of the product containing all ..

Starting From 660.00€ Ex Tax: 660.00€

Drass Komms System On Request

Drass Komms System

Drass Communication System (DRASS KOMMS) is a market-leading wired communication system that incorpo..