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Drass Chamber Oxysafe
On Request
Model: Oxysafe
DRASS OXYSAFE is a twin-lock hyperbaric chamber with flat ends and two (2) compartments: a main chamber and an entrance lock. The main lock chamber accommodates a maximum of six (6) seated divers, or two (2) divers on beds. The entry lock chamber comes equipped with two foldable seats accommodatin..
Drass Chamber Drassuno
On Request
Model: Drassuno
DRASS DRASSUNO is a one-man portable hyperbaric chamber for commercial, military, rescue, or scuba diving. Built with an internal diameter of 650 mm, DRASSUNO is designed to support shallow water diving operations in areas, such as onboard vessels, where emergency access to a fixed recompression cha..
Drass Chamber Ovetto
On Request
Model: Ovetto
DRASS OVETTO is a cylindrical twin lock hyperbaric chamber designed for two (2) persons in the main lock: one patient on a bed plus one attendant on a foldable seat. The entry lock chamber allows the locking of one (1) person and transportation on main lock chamber. It comes with a foldable seat ena..
Drass Chamber Oxyshot Drass Chamber Oxyshot
On Request
Model: Oxyshot
DRASS OXYSHOT is a single-lock hyperbaric chamber outfitted for two (2) persons: one patient on a bed plus one attendant on a foldable seat. Built with an internal diameter of 1300 mm, OXYSHOT is designed to accommodate and medically treat scuba divers, permitting an immediate recompression on si..
Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly
On Request
Model: 97CM-06-02-01-00-00
The Drass CO2 Scrubber is used as a CO2 removal system in the hyperbaric environment, in chambers and diving bells. The design is continuously enhanced thanks to the hundreds of units installed worldwide. Thanks to its compact size and its efficiency, the installation of the Drass CO2 scrubber on bo..
Model: SAT Dive
TECHNICAL SHEET SPORT AND LEISURE - Case in stainless steel 316l- Case finishing polished/ p.v.d. treated- Stainless steel helium valve- Automatic movement- Calibre sw 200 - swiss made- 26 jewels incabloc shock protection. - Water resistant to 1000m. -Italian made water buffalo strap..
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Model: 97CE-06-01-01-00-00
Proudly presenting the innovative Drass HUF (Hyperbaric Ultraviolet Flame) Sensor, the only flame sensor on the market to receive IACS Class Society Type Approval for use in a hyperbaric environment. Pressure tested up to 50 bar and able to detect a flame at 10 times the distance of standard f..
Drass Interlocking Mechanism Drass Interlocking Mechanism
Model: 97CM-06-01-01-00-00
The Interlocking mechanism is a safety device intended to protect any pressure vessel subject to be opened during routine operation procedures; this includes soda lime pots, Food and Material Locks, Diving Bell Mating Clamps, etc… The requirement for such a device is present in all Rules and guid..
Drass BIBS Mask Drass BIBS Mask
On Request
Model: 97DD-05-01-02-00-00
Design and Engineering Features: Our new generation CBM-U101 DIVING COMPACT BIBS MASK has been rigorously designed, developed and tested to an operational depth of up to 400 msw in accordance with international technical and safety standards set by NORSOK. The compact Bibs Mask has been tes..
Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer
On Request
Model: 97CD-01-04
The newly released Drass product: iAN GAS ANALYZER is specifically tailored to the saturation and surface diving industry and for application in the medical industry also.This advanced solution provides our clients with both a superior measuring accuracy and a robust hardware that consists of a Disp..
Starting From 1,675.00€
Helmet Camera Helmet Camera
New On Request
Model: 144-100
Compact and slim PAL video camera module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-4M), ready to be installed on top of Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the perfect companion of the helmet light. Maximum depth 300 msw. The camera features a high-resolution module with 850 TV lines in PAL st..
Helmet Light Helmet Light
New On Request
Model: 144-200
Compact and slim light module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-2M), ready to be installed on top of the Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the ideal companion for the helmet camera. Maximum depth 300 msw. The core of the light is a new high performance, round led cluster includ..
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