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Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly

The Drass CO2 Scrubber is used as a CO2 removal system in the hyperbaric environment, in chambers and diving bells. The design is continuously enhanced thanks to the hundreds of units installed worldwide. Thanks to its compact size and its efficiency, the installation of the Drass CO2 scrubber on board hyperbaric chambers is recommended either as main or as emergency scrubbing system. The primary function is to remove CO2 by means of a chemical reaction with a carbon dioxide adsorbent, that can be easily replaced by removing the canister and passing it through the chamber food lock. Drass scrubbers are intended for use with 4-8 mesh size granules, a size at which absorption surface area and resistance to flow are optimized. To reduce odours and other contaminants, scrubbers can be partially filled with activated carbon, catalysts or zeolites. 

Scrubbers are equipped with a high flow centrifugal fan. The fan performance has been tuned with the absorption time specific to the contaminated gas in the soda lime, in order to get the best results from the adsorbent. The brushless fan is internally protected from overcurrent.

New design:
The redesign of the scrubber is aimed to use smaller soda lime granules, sot to increase the absorption capacity and peak performances, and also to obtain a more stable performances versus different soda lime granule.
The different gas path is developed to improve the CO2 removal capacity.