Drass - DiveLink Hardwired Two-Diver Intercom

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Hardwired Two-Diver Intercom: Sounds like a telephone, but for use underwater.

• May operate in swimmer delivery vehicle SDV or in Open Ocean.

• Fully operational past 100 Meters Ocean Depth.

• Automatically turns on when in water, with visual power indicator.

• Clips to shoulder strap, Buoyancy Compensator or other convenient place under diver’s head.

• Plugs with different microphone interface.

• Two Earphones supplied for redundancy and clarity, with holders to attach between full face mask straps.

• Kevlar reinforced cables for connection between divers.

• Rechargeable with mains charger (supplied) when out of the water.

Rechargeable battery pack may be replaced by customer after shelf life or operational expiry of 5 years.


• Swimmer delivery vehicle SDV

• Clandestine operations

• Commercial Mission Oriented Diving

• Recreational Diving

• Technical Diving

• Scientific Diving


Main Housing Size: 14.8 cm length x 4.9 cm diameter with end cap. 50 cm cable length to earphone.

Weight: 100 grams negative in seawater.

Depth: 100 Meters operating depth.

Power On: Water Switch.

Indicators: Power LED indicates POWER ON. Also indicates charging and end of charge.

Sound: Audio of both Diver 1 and Diver 2 present at earphones. Sidetone is available at the transmitting diver, similar to telephone.

Connections: Connection to Diver 1 Microphone.

Order Microphone to suit full face mask:

• Interspiro AGA

• Ocean Reef

• for Scubapro

• Kirby Morgan M48

(Rated to 100M.) Other microphones available. Connection to cable between Diver 1 and Diver 2. Other cable lengths are available. All audio connections may be made underwater. All contacts are gold plated beryllium copper intended for hard use.

Anchor Point: Wrist Strap for Hardwired Cable.

Operating Temp.: -0 to +45 deg C.

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