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Helmet Light

Compact and slim light module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-2M), ready to be installed on top of the Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the ideal companion for the helmet camera. Maximum depth 300 msw. The core of the light is a new high performance, round led cluster including 4 cool white leds, delivering a total of 940 lumens at full power. Color temperature Is cold white (5650 K typical). The led cluster is completed with a circular narrow beam optic with 10° aperture, capable to increase by more than 10 times the light intensity of the beam, so to be able to light even far spots - 4000 lux @ 1m typical intensity. The led cluster is supplied by and internal driver, which can be powered directly with a continuous 24 Vdc for maximum power (typical power 10W), or with a dimmed power to be able to control the light intensity from 0% to 100%. This is possible thanks to the capability of the driver to be controlled by means of PWM signals (Pulse-Width Modulation) in CV Mode (Constant Voltage) – ask Drass for details. The light is made with black anodized aluminum, and it has very limited dimensions: 143 mm length, 70 mm wide and only 50 mm height; moreover, the camera body is bent on the right so to perfectly align with the eyeline of the diver when installed on the D-ONE. Each light has its own SN and is subject to a complete FAT (functional test and pressure test at 47 bar) before delivery or installation on the helmet.