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Helmet Camera

Compact and slim PAL video camera module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-4M), ready to be installed on top of Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the perfect companion of the helmet light. Maximum depth 300 msw. The camera features a high-resolution module with 850 TV lines in PAL standard (CVBS); the internal CCD sensor is a full-featured 1.3 Mpixel Sony: WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), 2D-DNR (Dynamic Noise Reduction), digital day&night. The CCD module has been specifically selected to ensure the best possible performances in diving activities, with low and uneven light levels. FOV (Field of View) is 90° in air and 80° in water. The camera is made with black anodized aluminum, and it has very limited dimensions: 147 mm length, 70 mm wide and only 50 mm height; moreover, the camera body is bent on the left so to perfectly align with the eyeline of the diver when installed on the D-ONE. Power supply is 24 Vdc, current consumption 80 mA @ 24 Vdc (2 W). To obtain the best signal quality, it is recommended to use a cable with 2xSTP, especially when the camera is used in conjunction with dimmable lights or other electromagnetically noisy devices – maximum recommended connection cable length is 100 meters. Each camera has its own SN and is subject to a complete FAT (functional test and pressure test at 47 bar) before delivery or installation on the helmet