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Fully equipped pressure vessel built with an internal diameter of 1600 mm. Hydrotest to be performed. Can be personalized and outfitted according to client needsready to be delivered in 6 months.

DRASS FAIRDIVE is a cylindrical twin-lock hyperbaric chamber. The main lock chamber accommodates a maximum of six (6) seated divers, or two (2) divers on beds. The entry lock chamber comes equipped with two foldable seats accommodating up to two (2) persons to medically assist and monitor the patient(s). Built with an internal diameter of 1600 mm (or 1850 mm as optional), FAIRDIVE comes equipped with all items required for standard operation as well as a complete set of optional accessories. FAIRDIVE is specifically designed to accommodate and medically treat surface-supplied divers, permitting an immediate recompression on site at 50 msw in the event of a diving accident.

For more details, please refer to Drass Fairdive

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