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SEAC F1 S Fins

SEAC F1 S Fins
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SEAC's F1S fin is their top of the line premium high-performance fin. The open shoe pocket is made of a combination of thermoplastic techno-polymers and elastometers that allows for comfortable contact points around the foot but strong and robust surroundings on the sole. The sling strap system makes it easy to fit and adjust to the foot.

The blade is a mixture of Ultralight Flex technopolymers with added protection on the ribs to increase the life of the fins. Water is channeled effortlessly to the tip as the technopolymer material flexes just enough to direct water but remain rigid enough to power you through the water with minimal effort on each stroke.

Donned by many divers both novice and professional, these fins are a great companion for any dive you wish to explore together.

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Yellow, Pink

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