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Drass Chamber HBOT

Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
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Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
Drass Chamber HBOT
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  • Brand: Drass
  • Model: HBOT Chamber


Drass was born in 1927 and is the world leader in hyperbaric technology for industrial, commercial and medical use. DRASS currently has the most advanced and reliable range of hyperbaric oxygen therapy products, thanks to its focus on research and development, engineering production and materials technology. Drass designs, manufactures and tests all components in accordance with class certification.


The Drass Hot Series hyperbaric systems are the most advanced solution in terms of safety, simplicity and reliability. Their innovative design combines several solutions that guarantee efficiency and a secure facility. The typical configuration includes:

• One or two hyperbaric chambers with 2 compartments equipped with one or more rectangular doors allowing medical staff to enter during therapy sessions in case of emergency

• The control system pressurization is based on FAIL SAFE architecture for a secure and smooth therapy management progression and for a pre-configured dosage of oxygen and therapeutic mixtures alongside the environmental monitoring of the chamber and the entire plan

• Water Mist Fire Protection System based on UV flame detection sensor ensures maximum safety and storage of medical and therapeutic gases with compression plant and air filters

• Entertainment system for patients with video and music media options makes the process of therapy a pleasant experience

• Video therapy communication and monitoring system of its main parameters

• Remote Management of clinical data

Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric therapy consists of supplying oxygen into a pressurized chamber with atmospheric pressure levels higher than normal. Under these conditions, the lungs can receive more oxygen than normal, following basic gas physics laws.

The oxygen delivered is either 100% pure or part of a mix, and it increases the amount of oxygen your lungs receive and deliver to your blood, travelling throughout the circulatory system and arriving all over the body’s periphery.

The benefits of these kind of therapy are remarkable and proven, and research is consistently advocating the unrivaled health benefits it offers.

The main organic effects and therapeutic uses of hyperbaric oxygen therapy are:

• increase in pO2: increases the fraction of O2 dissolved in the plasma (Henry’s Law), and consequently it allows oxygen to spread to tissues more quickly, even for those suffering from hemoglobin deficiency disorders;

• Increased tissue tension of O2: measurable via transcutaneous oximetry O2, is due both to the physical dissolution in blood and tissues, and to an increase in erythrocyte deformability (with passage of red blood cells also in vascular districts semi-obstructed);

• anti-edema action: exploited for vasogenic edema reduction (increase transudation of capillary);

• vasoconstriction: used in the treatment of cerebral edema and to remove blood stasis due to vasodilatation, inflammation, edema, congestion;

• increase in the capacity cytocidal of leukocyte: exploited to dominate the germs pyogenic infections, in combination with antimicrobial drugs, is due to acceleration of chemical reactions leading to the formation of superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, hydroxyl radical and singlet oxygen (ROS that have cytocidal action);

• neovascularization, improvement of the function of osteocytes, increase collagen production and treats osteoporosis, osteomyelitis and osteonecrosis by delaying callus formation;

• bacteriostatic and bactericidal (anaerobic, pyogenic etc...) as well as the mechanisms leukocyte, antibacterial action is exerted directly by free radicals on the anaerobic bacteria; O2 tension higher than 1520 mmHg kills Clostridium perfringens, while tension of O2 equal to 600 mmHg prevents the production of clostridic toxin;

• restoration of cytochrome oxidase A3 function, if compromised in the event of altered cellular respiration: used in cases of poisoning by CO, cyanide and toxic methaemoglobin;

• normalization of immune phenomena: used in the treatment of inflammatory and immunosuppressive;

• increase in nerve conduction velocity: used in the treatment of demyelinating diseases;

• analgesic and antispasmodic action: hypoxia induces spasm and pain, and oxygen breaks this cycle.

Patient Care

The HOT Series has a modern system of video and audio entertainment assured for use in a hyperbaric ambient. These solutions provide a comfortable experience - which in itself promotes relaxed and deep breathing, thereby optimizing the therapy session further.

• Entertainment system: audio, video, public and private

• Customized stretchers suitable for use in the hyperbaric chamber

• Analysis of exhaled air / breathed air /respiratory rate


DRASS hyperbaric system guarantees absolute safety levels for operators and patients alike, due to its highest levels of certification within all its features including:

• Water Mist Fire Protection System

• UV Flame Detection System

• Sensor Redundancy

• FAIL SAFE Hardware Architecture


Drass security levels are certified to the strictest standards available:

• ISPESL approval (Italy)

• CE Mark as a medical device (CE/MDD)

• Certificate of classification body for Quality System (ISO 13485)

• Compliance of technical standards specific to geographic areas


Within its design services, Drass provides a complete interface with the building infrastructure, facilities and utilities interconnected with the hyperbaric system: Mechanical and electrical interface

• Power Distribution unit (15 KW - 230V - 50Hz – 1P) equipped with automatic breakers

• Emergency power supply and/or UPS system

• Insulation transformer

• Power distribution unit (150 KW - 400V - 50Hz – 3P) equipped with automatic breakers

• Supply of gas oxygen (1 NL / min @ 12 bar).

• Supply of fresh water

• Water drainage piping and water tank reservoir

• Emergency breathable air supply

• Emergency oxygen supply

• Emergency compressed medical air distributed through mask

• Supply of medical compressed air (firefighting)

Control and Management

The enhanced automation enables flawless management and administration of the therapy by avoiding room for human error. In addition, the collection of essential clinical data enables automatic completion of the digital medical patient’s folder and subsequently performs important assessment on therapies and diagnosis of disease such as respiratory failure, dermal ulcers, metabolic pathologies, neurological disorders, chronic inflammation and post-surgery recovery.

• Automatic system with FAIL SAFE

• Status monitoring and operating of the system

• Clinical data management system

• Interface with clinical folder software

Innovation and Research

Although the hyperbaric chamber is considered a well-established product and traditional technology, Drass has introduced important innovations to improve patient comfort, better safety and ease of use for the technical staff as well as availability of individual and statistical data collection useful for hyperbaric doctors.

• Sophisticated and customized design

• Removable ergonomic seats and custom-designed stretchers

• Water Mist Fire Protection System

• LED lighting

• Automated system based on FAIL SAFE HARDWARE for perfect environmental control and applied therapy

• Complete software compatibility with medical folder system for perfect patient management and integration

• Public and private audio video entertainment system for each station

• Spare electrical penetrators for use and insertion of medical device for monitoring and therapy

• Redundancy of analysis systems

• CE Marking as a medical device, and compliance with current European standards

• Definition, implementation and management of maintenance plans and troubleshooting

Service and Followup

Drass provides a complete package of technical personnel training, maintenance, lifecycle management and technical solution update:

• Customized technical documentation packages

• Basic training for operator

• Preventive maintenance plan

• Corrective maintenance plan

• Continuous training and course updates for technical and healthcare professionals

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