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Model: 140-70001-L
The Kit includes:ItemPart No.Q.tySOCKET HEAD SCREW 140-724 1SOCKET HEAD SCREW 140-735 1O-RING 140-7091SIDE BLOCK STEADY FLOW ADAPTER 140-722 1O-RING 140-7451O-RING 140-7441SPRING 140-747 1O-RING 140-7031FLAT GASKET SIDE BLOCK 1 140-736 1O-RING 140..
Model: 140-00000-L
The Kit includes:ItemPart No.QtyO-RING141-0051FACE PORT ORING140-3091O-RING140-405 2O-RING 140-4061NOSE BLOCK CUSHION140-4101O-RING 145-1032EXHAUST VALVE 142-2032O-RING 142-1091O-RING140-7106GASKET, POD142-1161MUSHROOM VALVE142-1031O-RING 150-1041MEBRANE151-0161O-RING150-6081O-RING150-6071O-RING 150..
Model: 142-200
ItemPart No.Q.tyTie wrap142-2134Port Baffo Wing142-2071Starboard Baffo Wing142-2081Exhaust Collector142-2011Collector Bush142-2092Screw142-2124Baffo Retainer Plate142-2102..
Model: 97AF-02-02-01-00-00
The Diver Tool Harness is a dedicated piece of equipment to sustain the diver if necessary. The harness comprises straps, fitting, buckles and adjuster, suitably arranged and assembled to support the whole weight of a diver and to restrain the diver during the recovery and/or during the undress. ..
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Model: 141-500
ItemPart. NoQ.tyScrew142-1132Washer142-7032Spacer141-5021Front logo cover141-5011..
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