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Drass BIBS Mask Drass BIBS Mask
On Request
Model: 97DD-05-01-02-00-00
Design and Engineering Features: Our new generation CBM-U101 DIVING COMPACT BIBS MASK has been rigorously designed, developed and tested to an operational depth of up to 400 msw in accordance with international technical and safety standards set by NORSOK. The compact Bibs Mask has been tes..
Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer Drass iAN4  - Gas Analyzer
On Request
Model: 97CD-01-04
The newly released Drass product: iAN GAS ANALYZER is specifically tailored to the saturation and surface diving industry and for application in the medical industry also.This advanced solution provides our clients with both a superior measuring accuracy and a robust hardware that consists of a Disp..
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Helmet Camera Helmet Camera
New On Request
Model: 144-100
Compact and slim PAL video camera module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-4M), ready to be installed on top of Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the perfect companion of the helmet light. Maximum depth 300 msw. The camera features a high-resolution module with 850 TV lines in PAL st..
Helmet Light Helmet Light
New On Request
Model: 144-200
Compact and slim light module, completed with a connectorized cable (Wetcon MCIL-2M), ready to be installed on top of the Drass D-ONE diving helmet. It is the ideal companion for the helmet camera. Maximum depth 300 msw. The core of the light is a new high performance, round led cluster includ..
Model: 150-000
ItemPart No.Q.tyO-ring140-7102Regulator Nut151-0181Screw150-1022O-ring151-0191Plug140-7112Screw151-0084O-ring151-0101O-ring151-0091Nozzle150-9001Level Fork151-0011Hollow shaft150-8001Main Diaphgram Assembly150-5001Balance Piston Assembly150-7001Regulator Knob Assembly150-6001Logo Cover Plate150-4001..
Model: 140-600
ItemPart No.Q.tyStepped ring140-6071O-ring140-6011Screw140-62642Neck dam assembly140-6401Ring plate140-6031Plate140-6081Pull strap assembly141-4411Safety swing assembly140-6301Hinge plate140-6132Starboard swing assembly140-6601Port swing assembly140-6701Hidge pin140-6144Seeger (benzing)140-6154..
Model: 140-700
ItemPart No.Q.tyFlat Gasket140-7391O-ring140-7051LP Restrictor140-7501Side Block Isolator Plate140-7371Screw142-1052Seat Emergency Assembly140-7251Screw140-6261Seat Defogger Assembly140-7121O-ring140-8093O-ring140-7102Flat Gasket Side Block140-7361Bail out Inlet Nipple140-7041Adapter140-7231One Way ..
Model: 140-500
ItemPart No.Q.tyLocking collar140-5011Hinge axis140-5031Blind nut140-5133Washer140-5062Socket head screw140-5083Socket head screw140-5052Spacer140-5043Spacer140-2043Neck pad assembly140-5161Socket head screw140-5122..
Model: 140-00005-L
The Kit includes:ItemPart No.Q.tyO-RING141-0051WASHER 140-506 2UPPER GRIP HANDLE 140-203 1LOWER GRIP HANDLE 140-202 1FACE PORT 140-3081FACE PORT ORING 140-3091NOSE BLOCK PLATE 140-409 1O-RING  140-4052O-RING 140-4061NOSE BLOCK CUSHION 140-4101PORT HANDLE SPRING 141-114 1PULL PIN SPRING ..
Model: 97CE-04-01-01-00-00
The Drass 2” Flow Fuses are a safety device intended to protect any PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human Occupancy) from rapid unwanted decompression. They are to be installed internally to any PVHO on each hull passage bigger than 5 mm (ref. DNV-Os-E402 Oct. 2010 Sec. 4 E301).The main purpose of the f..
Drass Hyperbaric Chamber Light Drass Hyperbaric Chamber Light
On Request
Model: 97CE-01-03-05-00-00
The ambient lighting system is specifically designed to illuminate the entire compartment from a ceiling position. Thanks to the lens employed, which ensures a light flux up to ten times higher than that typically installed, a bright and uniform lighting illuminates the entire comp..
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Model: 300MSW
TECHNICAL SHEET - Movement: Ronda 505 Swiss Made - Water resistant 31.4 ATM - Turning Bezel in stainless steel with aluminium bezel - Mineral glass with sapphire coating in stainless steel with aluminium bezel - Screw crown in stainless steel - All hands nickel white lumi..
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