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DiveLink Headset Surface to Diver Communicator

The DiveLink COM-S01R Surface Unit is the most advanced sport communicator on the market.

The model COM-S01R is a PUSH TO TALK wireless transceiver for underwater communication between the surface vessel and SCUBA divers equipped with a DIVELINK communicator.

The unit is worn on the head as a headset with a boom microphone. The headset has two ear muffs to reduce unwanted sound in a noisy environment.

DIVELINK employs the latest in micro-electronics technology, and has been engineered to be as simple to use as possible.

There are no adjustments to slow you down. DIVELINK is fully automatic. 

Comes with:

  • XDR-S01 Transducer on 10 M Extension
  • MIC-S01 removable noise cancelling microphone

DiveLink Spare Parts for COM-S01R Surface Units

  • Rechargeable NiMH battery BAT-S01R-NIMH, replacement.

                    Has Energy Management System to cut charge off when fully charged.

  • Charger CHG-QC1-UNIV for COM-S01R Surface Units Has adapters for:

                        • North America

                        • Japan

                        • China

                        • Australia

                        • Europe and UK

  • Transducer XDR-S01 on 10 M Extension for COM-S01R

  • Headset Boom Microphone MIC-S01