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Product Delivery

Only one delivery address will be accepted for each order. The delivery will be made to the address that the client has specified in the order. Delivery shall be taken and signed by an adult over 18 years of age. No deliveries will be made to P.O. Boxes.
Upon delivery of goods by the Courier, the Customer shall check correspondence of the number of parcels being delivered with the information given in the waybill and if the parcel is unharmed and in sound condition. Any damages to the parcel and/or Products or non-correspondence of number of parcels shall be immediately contested by writing with reserve on the Courier’s note of delivery. The Customer may not lay any claims as to the outside appearance and the delivered parcel once the Courier’s document has been signed.
Drass Galeazzi SrlU reserves the right to delay or cancel deliveries of the ordered products if they can’t be honored due to reasons independent on Drass Galeazzi SrlU including unavailability of the manufacturer, governmental actions, force majeure impediments, wars, acts of terrorism, protests, rebellions, civil unrest, fire, explosion, floods, epidemics, strikes, etc.
In case the client cannot be found at the specified address, our courier will do another try to deliver, then the order will be returned and the consumer will bear the costs of new quests, regardless of the value of the ordered products.
Drass Galeazzi SrlU will be free from financial commitments for parcels left in storage at the Courier’s. Customers unable to make arrangements for another delivery or to collect the parcel from the Courier premises will take the responsibility of completing the delivery. Should the Courier return the parcel to Drass Galeazzi SrlU owing to Customer’s failure to collect the parcel, the Customer will be contacted by Drass Galeazzi SrlU for possible re-delivery with refund request of any storage expenses as well as delivery expenses born (re-delivery to Drass Galeazzi SrlU) or to be born (re-delivery to Customer). Should it not be in the intentions of the Customer to fulfil commitments of payment against expenses born by Drass Galeazzi SrlU or should the latter fail to get in touch to make arrangements or fail to respond to the e-mail from Drass Galeazzi SrlU with request to refund expenses born, within a reasonable period of time of 7 (seven) days, then Drass Galeazzi SrlU will keep the uncollected goods due to default of the Customer.
Drass Galeazzi SrlU reserves the right to cancel an order if the price of the product or some product features were not correctly entered in the database, or displayed incorrectly, if the delivery has not been performed yet.
Casual delays may occur if problems show up on courier’s route (floods, snow, etc.) or if the delivery is on a route outside the coverage area of the courier. There are no deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays.
Delivery times are indicative and in no event will Drass Galeazzi SrlU be obliged to pay damages for late delivery.