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Drass 2" Flow Fuse

The Drass 2” Flow Fuses are a safety device intended to protect any PVHO (Pressure Vessel for Human ..

976.00€ Ex Tax: 800.00€

Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly On Request

Drass CO2 Scrubber Assembly

The Drass CO2 Scrubber is used as a CO2 removal system in the hyperbaric environment, in Chambers a..

1,659.20€ Ex Tax: 1,360.00€

Drass Flame Sensor (w/ 5m cable)

Proudly presenting the innovative Drass HUF (Hyperbaric Ultraviolet Flame) Sensor, the only flame s..

2,684.00€ Ex Tax: 2,200.00€

Drass Flame Sensor Cable

Drass flame sensor cable is designed to accompany Drass Flame Sensor whilst being installed inside o..

Starting From 157.86€ Ex Tax: 129.39€

Drass Interlocking Mechanism PREORDER

Drass Interlocking Mechanism

The Interlocking mechanism is a safety device intended to protect any pressure vessel subject to be..

2,318.00€ Ex Tax: 1,900.00€