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Communication Systems

DIVELINK Hardwired Two-Diver Intercom DIVELINK Hardwired Two-Diver Intercom
New On Request
Brand: DiveLink
Hardwired Two-Diver Intercom: Sounds like a telephone, but for underwater use.Fully operational past 100 Meters Ocean Depth.Automatically turns on when in water, with visual power indicator.Clips to shoulder strap, Buoyancy Compensator or o..
Drass Komms System Drass Komms System
On Request
Brand: Drass
Drass Communication System (DRASS KOMMS) is a market-leading wired communication system that incorporates the latest advancements in technology and design, and complies with DNV GL, ABS and LR classification bodies.To achieve both the best performance and reliability, the design philosophy of the sy..
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