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Diving Unlimited International (DUI) has always been at the forefront of diving technology. When the technology for saturation diving was first developed back in the 60’s, DUI participated in the earliest excursions. Without the hot water suit, modern deep diving would not be possible.

When you dive deep while breathing mixed gas, it’s essential to have an active heat source. Without active heating, the combination of cold water and helium conductivity robs your body of heat very quickly. For long dives in cold water, even if the depth is somewhat shallow, the hot water suit is a better choice than a dry suit.

With a hot water suit and the proper equipment topside, the temperature level can be varied as the diver’s work load changes during the dive.

The principle of the DUI hot water suit is very simple. Hot water is pumped to the diver’s suit from the surface via an insulated hose. The hot water enters the suit through an on/off valve at the diver’s waist. From the valve, the hot water is distributed throughout the suit by perforated tubes down each arm and leg.

Additional tubes flow hot water across the chest and back. The ankles, wrists, and neck of the suit are open. Since the hot

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