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The bottom mating 6m3 Diving Bell is the traditional Diving Bell successfully certified, delivered, installed and commissioned on several DSVs together with the standard Drass 100 Series Saturation Diving System. The main advantage is the reduced weight of the diving bell in air which results in minor solicitation for the superstructure of the vessel; the fact that the bell is buoyant makes the diving system independent from vessel crane for tertiary recovery means.

The diving bell is sufficiently heavy in water to allow a smooth descent. A diving bell having an inner volume of 6m3 has optimized ergonomics for the operating divers.

General Criteria 

  • The Diving Bell is designed to operate to a depth of up to 300 MSW with a design pressure of 31.4 bar.
  • The pressure vessel is made up of two hemispherical ends connected by a cylindrical shell central body. All components are manufactured with high grade fine grain carbon steel. The external protection frame is made of structural steel piping to protect the PV against impact and allows insertion in the Bell Cursor during movement through the moon pool guides.
  • Manhole: This is equipped with a double acting single door with hydraulically compensated system which reduces the weight of the door and allows the maneuver to be performed by hand. There is a locking device complete with safety interlocking mechanism. The door is capable of withstanding an inner and outer pressure of 300 MSW.
  • Heat insulation: the bell is provided with a pressure-tolerant insulating cover on the outer surface to reduce heat loss when the bell is deployed.

Technical Data of the Diving Bell

·         Volume                                                     6m3

·         Weight in air                                             10 tons

·         Weight in water                                        1.5 tons

·         Design pressure                                        31.4 bar

·         Hydrotest internal pressure                     44.9 bar

·         Hydrotest external pressure                     7.15 bar

·         Operating pressure                                   31.4 bar

·         Operating temperature                            -10 to +55 °C.

·         Diameter of castellated bottom door      800mm


Certification available

·         DNV PED certificate

·         Hydraulic test certificate

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