Drass BIBS Mask

Design and Engineering Features:
Our new generation CBM-U101 DIVING COMPACT BIBS MASK has been rigorously designed, developed and tested to an operational depth of up to 400 msw in accordance with international technical and safety standards set by NORSOK. The compact Bibs Mask is manufactured in conformity with European Council Directive: Personal Protective Equipment 89/686/EEC, this it is subject to EC product quality control under the supervision of an independent recognised third-party organisation.

Minimised Breathing Effort:
The Balanced Second Stage Demand Regulator (inlet) and Exhaust valve (outlet) are both new concept systems. No springs, levers or other mechanical reciprocating parts are installed: virtually a friction- free system, resulting in effortless breathing (a drastic redution on the supply pressure) for the diver and minimal wear and tear also.

Reduced Risk of Leaks:

The silicon oral-nasal mask is designed to maximise sealing features. The mask properly surrounds both the nose and the mouth below the chin, increasing the sealing efficiency and reducing strain on the nasal bridge and jaw. Furthermore, the necessary holes for head support retaining clips are drilled outside the face sealing area for added comfort.

Improved Safety:
Two independent and separate systems for gas supply and exhaust. Additionally an anti asphyxia valves is fitted to reduce choke hazard in case of inhale/exhale system malfunction. Nonetheless the low mask internal volume minimizes the CO2 build up to risk.

Reduced Risk of Chamber Atmosphere Pollution:
The supply pressure for the mask is only 5 bar over chamber pressure. In case of leakage from the main supply line the amount of breathing mixture or oxygen released in the chamber will be considerably lower than the other BIBS systems available on the market where the inlet pressure is 8-10 bar (or more) above chamber pressure.

Dimensions, Comfort and Ergonomics:
The mask is compact and lightweight, with its COG (Center Of Gravity) and hose connection very close to the diver’s face. In addition, the mask has been designed in order to accommodate all components within the mask’s shell, resulting in a fully integrated structure. This specific design reduces the forces and associated stress induced onto the diver’s neck, without impairing head movement with better visibility and unrestricted proximity to the task at hand. The flexible silicone oral-nasal mask ensures comfort while donned and is fully adjustable to fit any diver as there are different silicone oral-nasal masks for different head dimensions and face shapes. The silicon mask can be replaced if damaged or one can simply be assigned to each respective diver (as per personal preference) to reduce risk of bacterial contamination.

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