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Drass iAN4 - Spare Display Mdp

Drass iAN4 - Spare Display Mdp


• A touch stylus is supplied and stored in the display for convenient use
• USB port for software update or download/upload of configuration files via USB stick (no PC is required)
• Contains two analog outputs 4.20 mA for remote reading and three volt-free SPDT relay contacts to command solenoid valves devoted to self-calibration
• Contains four volt-free SPDT relay contacts for remote signaling – freely programmable linking to any one of the analyzer events (thresholds, alarms etc.)
• Internal loudspeaker for alarm tones
• Contains two 24VDC digital input for remote control
• RS 485 port for interfacing with remote pressure sensor for partial pressure reading
• Ethernet Port for interfacing with remote system (e.g. PLC/SCADA system)

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  • Brand: Drass
  • Model: 97CD-01-04-08-01-00
  • Dimensions: 106.00mm x 129.00mm x 26.00mm