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DiveLink EAR-MIC Harness

DiveLink EAR-MIC Harness

If you are ordering the Belt Pack for use under water then you will need to order two more parts.

The first is called model EAR-MIC which provides the diver with earphones, a push-to-talk switch, a voice activation lock down lever, and a volume control.

The second is a separate microphone model MPC-xxx to fit properly into the full face mask the diver is wearing.

Each of these parts is necessary but may also be ordered as spare parts or to allow several divers to have their own microphone for different masks or for sanitary reasons...

EAR-MIC requires Microphone MPC-xxx for Full Face Mask Type:

  • MPC-AGA to match Interspiro AGA Divator
  • MPC-DRAGER to match Drager Full Face Mask
  • MPC-EXO to match Kirby Morgan EXO Full Face Mask
  • MPC-KM48 to match Kirby Morgan Super Mask
  • M48 MPC-MANTIS to match Mantis Full Face Mask
  • MPC-POSIEDON to match Posiedon Full Face Mask
  • MPC-REEF to match Ocean Reef Neptune Nira Full Face Mask
  • MPC-SCUBAPRO to match Scubapro Full Face Mask

All connectors are GOLD PLATED for maximum corrosion protection.

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